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With the new construction or conversions off (steam) boilers, parts exchange and repair or overhaul in superheaters or steam pipes, dirt can remain in these systems. This dirt must be removed before these systems can be back into serivice. Without proper precautions and cleaning, steam turbines ans/or systems wille be damaged.

To remove this dirt, it is standard practice to blow through superheaters and steam pipes under pressure with steam produced by your own boiler, This blowing through causes a considerable noise when the steam escapes into the outsite air, and this is a hot item at this moment, we want to keep this under control in a densely populated country like the Netherlands. For this we use steam  exhaust silencers that have a dual purpose, firstly to control the dirt when exiting and secondly to bring the noise to a respenonsible level. With a standard own steam silencer will be the absorbent material in the silencer distroyed trough the force off the dirt and the steam.  Silencers 4 Rent has a rental fleet collection consisting of Steam silencers, motor-operated valves and impact plates holders (for an indication of cleaning) in pipes systems, which have been specially developed for thes kinds of circumstances and which can handle almost any situation.  These situations are specific to each case and will therefore have to be viewed and calculated.

Silencers 4 Rent has the expertise in-house, permanent class in temporary silencers and steam valves.

Our service specialist from NEWES can putt on years of experience and calculate and advice you on which exhaust silencer and/or steam valve is suitable for your installation, so that you cna use your installation safely and cleanly after this process. These service specialist experience this situation on locations every day in a new constuction, conversion, overhaul or repair. You can fill in the contact form or send us a e-mail directly to verhuur@dempers4rent.nl off course you can call us also for more information. 

Permanent class in silencers ans steam valves

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