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After the initial construction or after retrofit of superheater parts in steam boilers and steam piping, debris and scaling may be left in these systems. This dirt must be removed before these systems can be taken back into use. Without proper cleaning, there will be damage to steam consuming equipment

The best solution to remove this debris and scaling is blowing out these systems with high velocity steam, produced by the boiler itself. Without any precautions the blow out steam will cause  an unacceptable noise level at the exit of the system. For this reason a silencer is used to reduce the noise to an acceptable level.  Moreover the silencer will brake the velocity impact of the debris. In standard silencers, the impact of debris and steam will destroy the absorbent material. Dempers 4 Rent has a rental fleet collection of silencers, motorised valves, reducer fittings and target plate holders, specially designed for the typical conditions during steam blow. The robustness and rigidity of the components ensures a good performance in almost any situation. Every blow out session is unique and needs careful preparations and calculations.

Dempers 4 Rent the expertise, permanent class in temporary equipment.

Our experienced NEWES owns the expertise, permanent class in temporary equipment. Our experienced NEWES service specialists can calculate the necessary steam blow out conditions to achieve optimal cleaning. They also can advise you to select the right silencer, the right valve and the right target plate holder for your steam blow out session. Our service specialists have built their expertise during numerous blow out sessions on site after initial construction, retrofit and repair. To contact us, you can fill out the inquiry form or directly send an email to verhuur@dempers4rent.nl or you can call us at +31748515397 for more information about our blow out silencers and valves.