Blow out Steam Silencer!

After an overhaul or repair, back in operation wich clean and pure steam.

We have the blow out steam silencers – impact plate holders and motorcontrolled valves that make this possible, we are a flexible partner that thinks along with you for a solution. One phone or email is enough for more information.

Silencers 4 Rent

Silencers 4 Rent has the expertise in-house, permanent class in temporary blow out steam silencers and valves.

Our service specialists from NEWES can putt on years of experience and calculate and advice you wich exhaust silencer and/or steam valve is suitable for your installation, so that you can use your installation safely and cleanly after this process. These service specialist now many situations in new construction, conversion, overhaul and /or repair on a daily basis at the locations where we work.

What do you want to rent?

You want to get back to full speed quickly?? With our flexible exhaust silencers  – valves and inpact plate holders you can be sure that the steam for your production is clean and pure for your process. One telephone or e-mail is enough for a personal appointment and more information.

Target plate holders

Target plate holders, also called collision plate holders, are intended to check whether all dirt has been removed and that the steam is clean again so you can your installation used safely again.

Steam Valves

These valves regulate the steam supply going to the silencers.

Steam Silencer

Temporary exhaust steam silencers are used if your installation has a overhaul or maintenance work.  


Do you want advice?

Our service specialists are ready for you. You can contact us by phone or the contact page.