Our Partner

NEWES, your company always on steam!

Keeping your business in operation, safe and reliable. That is our focus 24/7on 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Because downtime affects your operating result. Our specialty is to assess, maintain, repair, improve and approve of thermal industrial plants, such as steam boilers, piping,  petrochemical furnaces, just commissioned or at advanced age. In line with the latest regulations (PED) and with application of  latest standards and calculation methods.

Often we do it just a little bit different, because we are always challenged to find smarter, non-traditional and more sustainable solutions for existing and new problems. Including advice aimed at prevention.  

The power of NEWES lies in the team of creative engineers, combining their up to date technical knowledge with more than 150 years of experience within NEWES.
The passion and innovation power of this ' young guns ' keep your company on steam. Day and night, and at fair costs.