Target plate holders

The function of a target plate holder is to hold one or more polished copper target plates in the exhaust steam flow during blow out. By turning the spindle axis one target plate at the time can be turned from a passive position (parallell to the flow) into an active position (facing the flow).

The amount of debris in the exhaust steam flow will show as impact dents on the polished copper target plate. During the time out between blow out sessions, the progress of the blow out can be measured by counting the amount of dents. If the amount of dents is below an acceptable value, the steam system is clean and ready for normal operation.

Targert plate holder

Target plate holders also called impact plate holders are used to check the progress of the steam blowing sessions. The check is performed by counting the amount of debris impact dents on target plates.

Impact plate Set(numbered 1 t/m 10)

These impact plate are of copper and have a size of 143x25x4mm and are numbered from 1 to 10