Permanent class in temperary steam silencers, steam valves and target plate holders. 

These exhaust steam silencers, motorised valves and target plate holders are intended to be used during steam blow out. Blowing out with high velocity steam is the best way to clean your installation after completion of the initial construction, overhaul and or maintenance. After the blow out the boiler superheater system and connected steam lines will be clean and free from loose particles.  Your installation can be safely taken back into use without damaging steam consuming equipment. 

Dempers 4 Rent has the expertise. 

Our experienced service specialists can calculate the necessary steam blow out conditions to achieve optimal cleaning. They also can advise you to select the right silencer, the right valve and the right target plate holder for your steam blow out session. Our service specialists have built their expertise during numerous blow out sessions on site after initial construction, retrofit and repair.  To contact us, you can fill out the inquiry form or directly send an email  to  or you can call us at +31748515397 for more information about our blow out silencers and valves.