Exhaust Steam Silencers

With the new construction or conversion of (steam) boilers, equipment Exchange and repair or overhaul in superheaters or steam pipelines there may be dirt in these systems. This dirt must be removed before these systems can be taken back into use. Without proper precautions and cleaning there will be damage to steam turbines and or systems take place.

To remove this dirt is the default to superheaters and steam pipelines under pressure by blowing with steam produced by own boiler. This caused at retirement by blowing the steam in the outdoor air a considerable noise, and since this is a hot item at the time, we want this in a densely populated country like the Netherlands under control. For this, we use Silencers (mufflers) that have two purposes, first to check the dirt at retirement and secondly the sound to a responsible level. At standard silencers will by the power of the dirt and steam the absorbent material in the silencers be destroyed. Tools4rent has and rental fleet collection consisting of silencers, motorised valves, expired (reducers) and target plate holders (for an indication of cleaning) in piping systems, specially designed for these types of conditions and that can handle almost any situation. These situations on a case-by-case specific and will need to be calculated and viewed as such.

Tools 4 Rent has the expertise in house, permanent class in temporary data..

Our service specialists of NEWES can from many years of experience and give advice which you calculate for wells and air damper and or steam valve is suitable for your installation so that you have your installation after this process safe and clean. This service specialists make this situation at new construction, conversion, overhaul and repair on a daily basis or on location. You can fill out the contact form or directly send an email and of course you can call us for more information.